Guide to Personal Finance

Personal Finance has become important nowadays with increasing levels of lifestyle. It is imperative to take care of the needs as soon as possible, and the various personal finance plans could prove to be useful in the context of guaranteeing financial security.
Personal finance covers the various means, using which families or individuals exploit their financial resources. It accounts for the various financial risks involved and the future of the party in question. In a nutshell personal finance means using financial principles to make the financial conclusions of a family or an individual.

The various constituents of a personal finance scheme could be listed as below:
checking and savings accounts
credit cards
consumer loans
stock market investments
retirement plans
social security benefits
insurance policies
income tax management
Financial planning is an important part of personal finance. It is made up of five steps – assessment, setting goals, creating a plan, execution, monitoring and reassessment.

Assessing the financial status of an individual means drawing up a balance sheet and income statements. The balance sheet is made up of the current price of the different assets of an individual and the liabilities. Credit cards, loans, and mortgages are the liabilities while the various commodities in the house are the assets.

Personal income statements are accounts of the income and expenditure of an individual. Setting goals are a crucial part of personal finance as they assist in formulating financial plans for the future.


Creating a financial plan could consist of reducing extra expenses, increasing the income, and even, putting money in the stock market. These plans are crucial as they throw up ways of achieving the financial ambitions.


Accountants, financial planners, investment advisors and lawyers are usually helpful with regards to executing the financial plans. They provide the necessary professional acumen besides the tenacity and discipline required of the individual or the family.

With the passage of time it becomes necessary to monitor and reassess the financial plans from time to time.
Some of the leading personal finance service providers all over the world are:
Celerity Consultants
Fair Investment Company
Business & Personal Investment
The City National Bank
These companies provide customized personal insurance plans and offer financial advises both online and offline. AFR Smart Investor is an important Australian periodical providing information on increasing personal wealth and achieving financial security, to investors.

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