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Amity has been a top personal investment finance provider with regards to educational financing. The subjects under their scholarship are various and many. The Amity Foundation has, over the years, given out scholarships worth ten million US dollars, helping thousands of excellent students.
Celerity Consultants in Mumbai is a leading personal investment websites which provides services to clients from outside India. They function in an advisory capacity and specialize in risk management.In India, over seven million people are involved with the sharemarket, either directly, by buying shares, or indirectly, by buying managed or self-managed super funds.

For investors from Australia the Chinese sharemarket is crucial.The AFR Smart Investor is an important periodical for Australian investors, who want information on creating and expanding wealth and achieving financial security.

The main areas of personal investments in Australia are small and mid-sized stocks and big blue-chip companies.Borrowers in the lower income brackets in Newzealand are now finding it easy to get lenders who might provide finance, compared to a decade ago.
The surfeit of such lenders means now the relatively lower class people can get inexpensive car finance.

According to Newzealand economist Gareth Morgan the KiwiSaver funds backed by the national government are not ideal for personal investors and they would be better off putting money in �diversified portfolios�.


Fair Investment Company provides relevant content, news, and authentic internet analysis to enable the consumers to make the best financial decisions.


Business & Personal Investment offers personalized investment advices to individuals in the Small to Medium Sized Enterprise Market.
The City National Bank offers a wide variety of personal investment services.

They may be enumerated as below:
checkings and savings
investments and trusts
personal lending
retirement planning tool
online services


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