Salary of Financial Advisor

The salary of financial advisor is dependent on a wide variety of factors like the geographical location of operation or educational qualification. The experience of a financial advisor is also supposed to be important when deciding the salary of the financial advisor.
It has been observed that the salary of financial advisor is lower in rural and sub-urban areas compared to the urban areas.

Salary of Financial Advisor in the USA
In the United States of America, increase in the salary of financial advisor is dependent on an extensive range of factors. The most common factor in deciding the salary of financial advisor is the relevant work experience of a particular financial advisor.

Factors Affecting Salary of Financial Advisors
There are certain factors that affect the salary of financial advisors in most places.

Those may be enumerated as below:

  • The educational qualifications of the financial advisor
  • Stature of the company the financial advisor is associated with
  • The level of proficiency of the financial advisor
  • The city where the financial advisor works

There are always certain places that offer higher salaries to the financial advisors when compared to others. For example, in the United States of America, the financial advisors tend to get better remunerations in the states of North and South Carolina, Georgia and New York.

It has been normally observed that the financial advisors receive higher salaries in the comparatively urban places like the cities, towns or metros. The main reason behind that is the fact that in these areas the demand for the financial advisors is higher as the people earn more and invest more.

Quite often, a financial advisor who is equipped with a high-end degree like a Master of Business Administration is supposed to be more appealing to those who employ financial advisors compared to an individual who has a relatively ordinary Bachelor’s degree.

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