Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC

Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC provides investment advisory services to the clients in the United States. The firm invests the client’s money in the stock market and helps the clients to gain more returns from the investment. For this purpose, the firm offers a number of funds to the investors.

About Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC
Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC is in the business of managing the client’s money and guide its growth. The firm is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States. The Minneapolis based firm invests the assets of the clients in the stock markets and increases the value of those assets.

There are a number of professionals like portfolio managers, research analysts and so on to provide these services. Simultaneously, the marketing, operations and trading department of the firm are also playing a major role in the process.

Process of Providing Services
Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC creates individual investment portfolio for the clients. The firm, before taking any initiative of portfolio creation, tries to get a clear picture of the financial goals of the client. This is very much necessary because the firm invests money in stocks only and so factors like risk tolerance capacity, investment restrictions and many more are quite important.

Portfolio Management Services of Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC
Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC believes that the success of an investment activity depends on the selection of the tool, as well as the strategy followed for the purpose. At the same time, before investing in any company stocks, the firm carries out proper research work on the management of that company, as well as about the growth potentialities of the company. These things are mostly done while investing in the small cap companies. Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC ranks the S&P 500 companies according to their own standards and then the investment is done according to that ranking.

In addition, the firm offers a number of funds to the investors through which they can invest in the money market. Some of these funds are American Century Equity Growth fund and American Century New Opportunities II fund.
Contact Details:
Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC
7701 France Avenue South
Suite 500
Edina, Minnesota 55435
Ph: 952-841-0400
Facsimile: 952-841-0411

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