Light Green Advisors

Light Green Advisors (LGA) is a leading financial advisory firm in the United States, which is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It offers a variety of asset management services concentrating on ecological sustainability.

About Light Green Advisors
Light Green Advisors is one of the most popular financial advisory services providers in the United States. It functions in the form of an asset management firm, which offers specialized services related to environmental sustainability investments.

Light Green Advisors functions as a certified investment advisor in the United States. The investment strategy of Light Green Advisors has been formulated on the basis of the rationale that gainful or productive financial performance of corporate entities has a mutual relationship with high quality environmental management of corporate entities. The headquarters of Light Green Advisors or LGA are located in Seattle, Washington.

The clients of Light Green Advisors include the following:
Pension funds
Eligible individuals with high net worth

At the present time, the President of Light Green Advisors is Jonathan Naimon, who is also one of the co-founders of Light Green Advisors.
Products and Services of Light Green Advisors

The products and services of Light Green Advisors can be categorized into the following forms:
The Eco*Index is an equity investment option, which was introduced in the year 2000.

The following industrial sectors have been included in the portfolio of the Eco*Index fund:
Defense & Aerospace
Computer/component distributors
Building products & materials
Cruise lines
Filmed entertainment
Environmental Services
Forest Products
Mining & Metals
Leisure Time
Television & radio broadcasting
Personal care products

Eco Performance Portfolio�

The Eco Performance Portfolio� is basically a dynamic domestic equity plan, which was introduced in the year 2000.

Global Eco Index�

The Global Eco Index� is a hybrid investment plan, which was introduced in the year 1998.

Environmental Leadership Trust�

Advantages Offered by Light Green Advisors

Following advantages are offered by Light Green Advisors to its clients:

  • The investment philosophy of Light Green Advisors is unparalleled in nature
  • LGA stresses on corporate performance
  • LGA focuses solely on environmental obligations
  • The products and services of LGA offer a bonus for companies to better their performance

Contact Details:
Light Green Advisors
999 Third Avenue
Suite 3800
Seattle, WA 98104 USA
Tel: 206.547.8645
Fax: 206.505.5815

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