Volvo Car Finance

Volvo car finance is a leading car finance company of the U.S. The principal objective of Volvo car finance is offering financial services to the Volvo car customers and dealers. They also perform regular and detailed surveys about the satisfaction level of the customer and the dealer.
The Primus Automotive Financial Services Australia Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company. Primus was incorporated in the year 1996. Volvo car finance is an important division of Primus. Volvo car finance works as a brand of Ford Motor Company all over the world.

Volvo car finance deals with both new and old Volvo cars. Volvo car finance offers services to both commercial and individual customers and it has designed a wide variety of plans for satisfying various purposes of a large number of customers.

The financial services provided by Volvo car finance include the following: retail automotive financing, wholesale finance, capital loans, hire purchase, finance lease, municipal finance etc.

The products and services of Volvo car finance can be categorized into two main types:

Private Purchase Plan

The following schemes are available under the private purchase plan:
Traditional Purchase Plan
Volvo Flexible Purchase Plan
Volvo Advantage Plan

Business Purchase Plan
The following schemes are available under the business purchase plan:
Traditional Finance Plan
Volvo Flexible Purchase Plan
Volvo Advantage Plan

The benefits offered by Volvo car finance include the following:
Outstanding customer service
Competitive rates
Innovative products
Flexible terms


      Volvo car finance also provides insurance services to its dealers and customers. Volvo car finance is one of the leading car financial service specialists in the world. The mission of Volvo car finance as a segment of the biggest automotive finance specialist of the world is to offer excellent financial products and facilities for customers who are buying new or old Volvo cars sold by the Volvo dealer.

Contact Details:

      Volvo Car Finance North America


      P.O. Box 542000, Omaha, NE 68154 -8000


Contact Details: Volvo Car Finance Australia
Level 4/457, St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3004
Phone: 1800 300 044

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