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There are different financial service providers and banks across America, American financial companies are doing well at the moment and they are stockpiling money. Before selecting an American finance company, it is a good idea to have a clear insight about the different financial companies of America.
There are different financial products in demand across North American nations like United States and Canada and the financial companies of America are attempting to promote them. There are different financial service providers in US and before obtaining a loan, mortgage or credit card from these companies, it is best to make a comparative analysis.

There are different credit counseling agencies and it is prudent to seek suggestions of the financial counselors. The financial counselors are highly skilled and have a clear overview about the latest financial trends.

High rankings for American finance companies are provided on the basis of long term and short term revenue generation and growth. So, it is necessary to read different financial journals and magazines.
Plenty of resources are available in the Internet and with a few clicks of mouse it is possible to obtain required information. While seeking loans from the leading finance companies of America, it is an added advantage to have a fair credit report. A fair credit report can be of immense use as it can determine the Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

Some of the leading finance companies of America are as mentioned below:
Citi Financial
Bank of America
GE Money
Wells Fargo
Capital One
Prudential Finance
Zurich Finance
Merrill Lynch

The US economy is the most powerful economy of the world. The financial services companies of the US play a major role in economic growth of the nation.

Few financial products offered by the finance companies of the US are as follows:
Mortgage loan
Debt consolidation loan
Personal loan
Credit card
Payday loan


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