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The fixed deposit scheme of Sundaram Home Finance, an affiliate of Sundaram Finance, is a viable choice for investors who have low or medium risk profiles. The rates of interest that are being offered are really attractive; even more so after the recent decrease in the levels of rates of interest.
HDFC came into being in 1977. Now HDFC has a client base touching almost three million. HDFC have been building up residential housing stock and promoting the number of home owners.

The products of HDFC range from convenient home finance and deposit products, to property services as well as training facilities. HDFC also deals in specialized financial services to their customer base. They do it in partnerships with the best monetary institutions, all over the world.

Birla Global Finance Company Ltd. is an affiliate of Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. The Company focuses on a wide range of services, each providing to specific needs. BGFL deals in the Capital Market, Corporate Finance, and Retail Finance.

Aditya Birla Nuvo, through, Birla Insurance Advisory Services Limited, provides suggestions and information on the General Insurance industry.

The State Bank of India, the Punjab National Bank, the ICICI Bank, the IDBI Home Finance, the LIC Housing Finance, the GIC Housing Finance, and the Bank of Baroda are some of the leading Indian financial organizations and banks that have been providing inexpensive housing finance services in India.

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