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Hyundai Motor Finance Company
has been growing at a rapid pace since its opening in1989. The parent company is based in Korea and the company, at present, is jointly working with Hyundai Motors America.
Hyundai Motor Finance is a full service auto finance company and provides service to the chain of Hyundai dealers spread nationwide and also arranges finance for consumer vehicle, dealer inventory and facility. Hyundai Motor Finance Company is committed very much to deliver the customers, excellent motor financing options and services.

Hyundai Motor Finance offers both retail and lease products designed to give the customer options which fits their finance plans. The company and the dealers usually try to make the customer satisfied with the best vehicle purchase experience.
The dealer wants to make the customer satisfied with the vehicle purchase and finance plan. Several credit sources are known to the dealers and they can find easy financing options for the customer. The customer is only expected to inform the dealer about his/her preference of vehicle and finance.
Hyundai Motor Finance offers two different financing options, retail and lease. Retail financing is that the company would finance the vehicle and the customer would re-pay the amount in installments with interest. There are several plans and options available for the customers.

Lease is actually not purchase; rather it is hiring the car for a specific period of time and making payment to the company for the use. The payments include the depreciation value of the vehicle over the duration of the lease period and the customer remains solely responsible for the maintenance. The whole cost for the process is less than the purchase price. At the end the customer may buy the car or hand it over to the company.

There are huge numbers of financial companies working in the field right now. So it is hard to hold the position in the market. In these competitive situations, Hyundai Motor Finance Company’s vision is to earn customers’ trust through hard work, creative financing strategies and competitive financing program.

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