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The National Housing Bank (NHB), the major monetary organization regarding housing finance, is opening a mortgage guarantee company. It would be a joint venture company along with its global partners. It would be providing risk-cover to lenders against housing loan defaulters.
NHB has been talking with the International Finance Corp (IFC) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the venture. The National Housing Bank (NHB) has also suggested mortgage assurance schemes that are similar to the bancassurance scheme, performed by most banks.

NHB also projected rules for reverse mortgages, after the budget. Housing finance companies could possibly be, granted greater amount of operation if reverse mortgage products are brought in and mortgage guarantee companies are provided with permission.

The mortgage companies provide assurance of loan repayments and can enable financing companies to provide finance to the self-employed, who are generally conceived of as risky propositions in financial circles.
The creation of mortgage guarantee companies will enhance alternate means to housing finance concerns at, comparatively, lower costs. That would increase chances of housing finance companies making profit and, give greater comfort to the lenders.

The amount of opting for the offset mortgages since the last year has tremendously gone up in the UK. Last year, 170,000 offset mortgages, worth almost thirty billion pounds, have been purchased. This is a forty nine percent addition over the last year.

Transactions are getting more competitive. This type of home loan allows borrowers to counterbalance their savings and current account balances against the mortgage debts. These have been designed to be flexible, allowing the consumers to, both over-pay as well as under-pay. Analysts have pointed out they are becoming more attractive, when compared to other deals.

Offset mortgages developed in Australia and arrived at the UK about ten years ago. The number of companies, offering these services, is increasing by the day. They are being supported by big advertising campaigns.

Mortgage lenders have been constraining their standards for borrowers with the worst credit records. These borrowers can however find willing lenders, who are quoting higher rates, however. The homeowners, having abysmal credit records, and wanting to refinance but not even having five or ten percent equity in their houses have been affected as a result.

People who have poor or fair credit and not yet verified their incomes and assets have been finding it tough to procure finance – all the more so, if they want to get more than ninety five percent of their house’s worth. The underwriting requirements are under scrutiny, and the rates are increasing as the finance is risky and the investors desire better results off these

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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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