Department of Banking and Finance

The Georgia Department of Banking and Finance is the state agency that governs, as well as, looks after the state-chartered banks, state-chartered credit unions, as well as the state-chartered trust companies.
The Georgia Department of banking and finance, also has regulatory and licensing authority over the various mortgage brokers,the lenders and processors,the check cashers,the sale of check companies,the money transmitters,the international banking companies, as well as, the bank holding companies, that have been carrying out business in Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Banking and Finance is focussed on providing the citizens of the State of Georgia with fast as well as effective solutions to their respective queries as well as crises.

The Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, cannot, however, be called an advocate for either the individual consumer or for the regulated monetary organizations as well as licensees.
The Georgia Department of Banking and Finance could be contacted by phone, e-mail or in writing. The Department often helps the customers with solutions, that are intended to resolve their problems. The Department can even provide answers to the questions of these customers.

The Georgia Department of Banking and Finance are reputed to have helped people when they have been unsuccessful on their own regarding, solving their problems or answering their queries. However, the Department is not supposed to serve in the capacity of a lawyer to the customers. They are not even authorized to provide any legal suggestion, recommend a monetary concern, with whom customers could carry out business activities.

The Georgia Department of Banking and Finance is not empowered to apply stress upon the various financial organizations or licensee to provide satisfaction to customers, if they have not breached the laws .

The Florida Department of Financial Services, is a premier finance department, which caters to the different needs of the different sectors that are called into question, with regards to financial activities. The customers are able to ask for answers to their financial queries. There is also the provision of being able to lodge complaints, checking up the insurance agents as well as looking out for agencies.

The Florida Department of Financial Services also runs a variety of programs like tornado assistance and storm resources, the Florida hurricane mitigation program. There are also consumer alerts, consumer newsletters on the Internet, as well as the Florida Annual Financial Financial Report.

The agents and adjusters can look up for licensing and renewal, as well as for the various necessities for receiving insurance education. The employers have the option of answering their queries on the factor of compensation for the workers. The state vendors are able to gather various financial details of the payment of state vendors. The consumer helpline number of the Florida Department of Financial Services is 800-342-2762.

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