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The Leadership Purchase Plan is one of the newest introductions of Honda car financing sector. It is a remarkable alternative to conventional vehicle financing and provides buyers with the freedom of small down payments, as well as interest rates, which are smaller than the other regular car financing offers.
In The Leadership Purchase Plan the installments are formulated keeping ownership in mind . The names of the buyers are always there on the titles. The term periods of The Leadership Purchase Plan policies could be ranging from twenty-four to forty-eight months.

The depreciation and various financial costs are supposed to constitute the monthly installments, which in actuality, do not amount to much, other than small. The owners are permitted a wide range of options, once the initial phase of the term period gets over.

The car owners also have the privilege of being able to exchange their older vehicles for a newer model. The car might also be bought for an amount, which is pre-determined . There is also the added clause of the car owner being able to transfer the ownership of the vehicle to Honda Financial Services.

The American Honda Finance Corporation initiated business operations in the month of July, in the year of 1980. The American Honda Finance Corporation deals in financing services throughout the US providing the authorized Honda motorbike dealers. The American Honda Finance Corporation started to finance Honda power equipment from the year 1983 and after three years, they started providing finance for Honda and Acura automobiles.

In the month of June, in the year 1985 were initiated retail financing and pilot programs for Honda power equipment and motorcycles in the states of California and Florida. The same programs were introduced in the month of May, in the year 1986 for Honda and Acura cars in the state of California. In the month of April, in the year 1990 American Honda Finance Corporation, started to provide retail leasing for the Honda and Acura vehicles in the state of California.
American Honda Finance Corporation and dbf Honda Financial Corporation provide finance for Honda and Acura cars, sports cars, and minivans. American Honda Finance Corporation also provide finance for the motor parts, motorbikes, and the power vehicles. The financial packages of American Honda Finance Corporation contain retail installment sales contracts, as well as leases. These services are , primarily made keeping customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list.

American Honda Finance Corporation sell their leases through their affiliated concern Honda Lease Trust . Leases are on offer for both new and old Honda and Acura cars. The American Honda Finance Corporation, and American Honda Service Contract Corporation, an associate of the American Honda Finance Corporation, situated in Florida, deal in car financing contracts that are marketed by the Honda and Acura dealers, all over the US.

The American Honda Finance Corporation has its headquarters at 20800 Madrona Avenue, Torrance, California 90503.

Customers, who are looking to buy or lease a Honda product,could be helped by the Honda Financial Services. There are special lease and finance offers. The buyers are allowed to form an estimate of the various payments. The customers could, even get pre-approval for credit facilities, if they happen to apply on the net.

Current customers have the privilege to obtain knowledge about payment choices and how to access the official online account or sign up in exchange of automatic payments. It is usually a good idea for the prospective consumers to learn about the possible monetary choices if they are heading towards the end of their respective monetary agreements.

Honda Financial Services, aims to, as much as possible, guarantee complete satisfaction for the customers. Provided,the customers should ever have any questions or concerns regarding their respective accounts,they are allowed to contact Honda Financial Services for an answer to their queries.

In order to gain instant answers to their questions the customers are advised to keep ready, their respective account numbers. The numberis usually present in the respective monthly statements.It could also be acquired from all correspondences of Honda Financial Services.

The online Account Access of Honda Financial Services could be checked out for respective account histories, present statements, payoff quotes and more.

Honda Financial Services also has Payment Addresses from where customers are allowed to find out where to send their monthly payments. They also have Customer Service Phone Numbers, which may be contacted to obtain answers to additional questions on respective accounts.

Lease Maturity Centers specialize in providing customer services if they happen to have no more than six months left in their Lease or Leadership Purchase Plan contracts.

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