Household Finance Credit Card

Household finance companies offer a wide range of retail finance products, which include credit cards. A credit card is an important part of personal banking and financial services. Consumers are able to buy household commodities and expensive items on credit, subject to a certain credit limit.
Household finance credit cards cater to the needs of numerous customers. There are a variety of household finance credit cards which include MasterCard, Platinum card, VISA card, and store-branded credit cards. The MasterCard is a type of household finance credit card, which is accepted globally.

The benefits offered by MasterCard include travel rewards, unlimited cash back option, balance transfer, no requirement of annual fee, 0% introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate), and free online bill payment. The Platinum card offers advantages related to daily purchases of cardholders.

The customers have the option of accumulating reward points which may be redeemed to receive a discount when purchasing any commodity, or receiving rewards which may include gift certificates and gift cards from reputable businesses.
The advantages offered by VISA cards include no requirement of annual fee, 0% introductory APR on balance transfers (usually for the first 9 billing months), and online account management services.

Reputable retail companies in partnership with leading household finance companies offer flexible financing options with store branded credit cards. Additional benefits include low monthly installments, special offers, and online bill payment.

Many household finance credit cards carry a clause of zero liability for unauthorized use, which sometimes proves to be detrimental. Credit card holders should be extremely cautious about theft or misplacement of credit cards. Household finance credit cards also offer purchase protection and cash withdrawal facilities by a large number of ATMs.

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