Mississippi Business Finance

Mississippi business finance or business financing in the state of Mississippi is on the rise. The business finance companies in Mississippi offer a comprehensive variety of loan programs for the borrowers. The business loan programs available in Mississippi are utilized by new businesses and businesses, which are looking for expansion.
The majority of business finance lenders in the state of Mississippi offer their business loan programs with the help of Mississippi Business Finance Corporation. The Mississippi Business Finance Corporation (MBFC) functions as an entity of the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) and it is a non-profit public organization.

The principal objective of MBFC is to organize the state resources for the purpose of supporting industries and businesses for getting loans and to place Mississippi as an enterprising contestant in the world financial market.

The MBFC functions as a representative of the co-operations between the private sectors and public sectors in order to enhance simultaneous growth of commerce and industry. The financing programs available through the MBFC are offering cheap and competitive interest rates and tax benefits for eligible projects.

The business finance loans available in the state of Mississippi can usually be categorized into the following types:
Business financing available through Mississippi Business Finance Corporation:
Small Enterprise Development Finance Program
Rural Economic Development Assistance Program
Industrial Development Revenue Bond Program
Mississippi Loan Guaranty Program

Business financing available through Mississippi Development Authority:
Bank Loans
Small Business Assistance Program
Agribusiness Enterprise Loan Program
Energy Investment Program
Small Business Administration (SBA) Guaranteed Loans
SBA 504 Certified Development Program
Mississippi Loan Guaranty Program
Small Enterprise Development Program
Industrial Development Revenue Bond Program
Minority Business Enterprise Loan Program

Business financing with the help of local government units:
General Obligation Bonds
Local Industrial Development Revenue Bonds

The following types of business entities obtain the Mississippi business finance loans:
Agricultural Enterprises
Manufacturing Enterprises
Research and Development Enterprises
Tourism Enterprises
Maricultural Enterprises
Aquacultural Enterprises
Regional Shopping Malls
Service Enterprises
Industrial Enterprises
The Mississippi Business Finance Corporation is supervised by a group of 25 members representing both the private and public sectors.
Contact Details:
Mississippi Business Finance Corporation
735 Riverside Drive
Suite 300
Jackson, Mississippi 39202

Phone: (601)-355-6232
Fax: (601)-355-3888

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