Multinational Business Finance

The multinational business finance typically means the business financing of multinational companies. The global market and the changing trend of the contemporary international finance largely affect the multinational business finance.
The business financing is one of the most necessary tools for the multinational companies to obtain capital for the further expansion of the business. A business corporation generally can accumulate its capital from two sources – equity and debt. The debt holders may experience some risk depending on the performance of the corporation and if the company performs poorly they may fail to pay the contractual obligation.

The manager of a multinational company generally takes the financial decisions and hence has to have an up-to-date knowledge on the international finance market and characteristics of the global business finance loan.
The business finance loans are one of the most feasible sources of finance gathering tool for any company. In order to expand or to start a new business, the business financing plays a vital role in the modern day’s market.
The multinational business finance loan can be generally obtained for the reasons like – any kind of business expanses, buying buildings and offices, purchasing plant and machinery and for the working capital requirements. The repayment flexibility is the major benefit of the business finance loans taken by the multinational companies. With the submission of business record, profit statements and credit history, the business finance loan is easily available to any multinational companies. Now with the advent of technologies, taking business loans has become even easier. The entrepreneurs can now go for the corporate business financing through Internet only.

The large banks and big finance companies generally provide business finance to the multinational companies. Apart from going to the shareholders and lenders, the multinational companies may borrow fund from the big banks. Giving loans to the businesses is often referred to as the commercial financing. Apart form the commercial banks, the finance companies provide commercial financing and the loans are generally secured by business assets that include real estate, receivables from the invoices and equipments or supplies. Qualifying for business financing is easy for the multinational companies following their market status.

The business finance loans available in the state of Mississippi can usually be categorized into the following types:
Business financing available through Mississippi Business Finance Corporation:
Small Enterprise Development Finance Program
Rural Economic Development Assistance Program
Industrial Development Revenue Bond Program
Mississippi Loan Guaranty Program

Business financing available through Mississippi Development Authority:

  • Bank Loans
  • Small Business Assistance Program
  • Agribusiness Enterprise Loan Program
  • Energy Investment Program
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Guaranteed Loans
  • SBA 504 Certified Development Program
  • Mississippi Loan Guaranty Program
  • Small Enterprise Development Program
  • Industrial Development Revenue Bond Program
  • Minority Business Enterprise Loan Program

Business financing with the help of local government units:

  • General Obligation Bonds
  • Local Industrial Development Revenue Bonds

Some of the major multinational business financing companies are as follow:

  • Alliance Leicester Commercial Bank
  • GE Corporate Lending
  • Commercial Lifeline
  • Nationwide Commercial
  • Five Arrows Commercial Finance
  • GMAC Commercial Finance
  • Lloyds TSB
  • A One Finance
  • Commercial Finance Association
  • SME Commercial Finance
  • Associated Bank


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