New York Micro Finance

The New York micro finance sector is being helped by big foundations that are willing to help them with regard to providing micro finance to the underprivileged in the state of New York. New York micro finance companies are tying up with other financial service providers to offer better services.
The leading micro finance companies in New York are now branching out with regard to providing assistance to their underprivileged client base. These companies are not limiting themselves to providing financial services but are now enabling these poor people with some useful services.

Amongst the new services being provided by a few of the New York micro finance companies are lifetime telephone number, access to internet, e-mail address as well as stored-value accounts that could be used for a nominal value of $1 by every person.

The New York micro finance companies are being helped in their activities by other firms that are offering them technological help, expertise. They also receive help with regard to debt instruments, administrative services and equity investments.
Some major financial institutions in New York also offer assistance in various forms to the organizations that provide micro finance services in the continents of Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean Islands as well as the sub-Saharan Africa.

These companies are stressing on imparting some amount of business discipline as well as credibility. In order to develop the efficiency of the micro finance services throughout the world these companies have built steady networks with their partners.

The New York micro finance companies are trying to branch out in the following activities that are related to micro finance:
Housing Microfinance
Microfinance Programs in Commercial Banks
Gateway Funds
Rural Funding
Investments in Microfinance
Microfinance Funds
Poverty Assessment
Microfinance Infrastructure Funds
Debt Financing
Credit Methodological Services
Equity Financing
Credit Scoring Services
Commercial Funding Instruments


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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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