International Finance Journal

International finance journal offers a wide variety of information related to what is happening to the international finance markets. It deals with various policies, practical applications, as well as theories involved in finance and macroeconomics.

International finance journals usually provide information on the following topics:
Exchange rates
Monetary policy
Financial markets
Corporate finance
Financial economics
Transition economics
International political economy
International finance and economics
Financial analysis and treasury management
Decision making

The American Finance Association (AFA) publishes the Journal of Finance. It is an academic journal and the first publication of the Journal of Finance was in 1946. The Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, and the Review of Financial Studies are the three most reputed international finance journals worldwide.

The international finance journals help the investors to gain interest in the field of finance and economy. Different issues and problems are cited in these journals and their solutions are also given in the form of case studies. The objective of international finance journals is to increase public awareness about the global financial scenario and different issues related to that.
International finance journals play a significant role in motivating financial studies in different educational institutions, universities, and colleges.

The ideas provided by international finance journals are implemented to solve contemporary economic problems. International finance journals conduct comprehensive and high standard research taking into consideration every feature of financial economy. The analysis is done specifically emphasizing on nascent financial institutions and capital markets.

The readerships covered by international finance journals include central banks, investment banks, corporate and national treasuries, academic institutions, and international organizations.

International finance journal publishes scholarly articles submitted by authors who have done extensive research on foreign exchange options, international fiscal and monetary policy, exchange rate behavior, and international capital markets etc.

The leading international finance journals include the following:
International Finance
Journal of International Financial Management & Accounting
International Journal of Finance & Economics
Journal of International Money and Finance
International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance (IJTAF)
International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
The International Journal of Finance
The Wall Street Journal
International Review of Finance


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