Legal Financial Aid

Oasis Legal Finance is one of the best lawsuit firms in the US. It is best known for providing individuals with lawsuit cash advances. Oasis Legal Finance provides similar services for corporations. The company also provides finances for a wide variety of commercial cases.
In addition to individual and commercial concerns, they provide attorneys in the US with lawsuit cash advances and law firm financing. Oasis Legal Finance also plays a major role in regulating and making laws for the legal industry. It is a leader in providing finances for plaintiffs.

Oasis Legal Finance also caters to the following:
structured settlements
finding attorneys
getting referral agents
workers compensation funding
programs affiliated with lawsuit funding

The Federal National Mortgage Association is one of the best American legal finance associations. It is a financial organization that principally buys mortgage loans from the mortgage bankers, who are their chief suppliers.

Divorce Online deals with general questions on tax related issues resulting from a divorce. It also shows customers how to plan beforehand for the various financial concerns that crop up post-divorce.

National Native American Law Student Association provides needy students with financing in the academic year. They help primarily through financial grants, employment opportunities, curriculum development, tutorial programs, and research projects.

The American Association of Law Libraries has devoted itself to helping people by financing students willing to take up Library and Information Sciences.

The American Legal Finance Association came into being on July, 2004. It provides finance to victims of personal injury and commercial plaintiffs who are engaged in court cases. They have the support of fifteen companies across the US.

The leading US legal finance associations address the given areas:
asset finance
capital markets
corporate finance
general legal finance
international lending
project finance
swaps and derivatives
trade finance

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