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Beacon Legal Finance is a Chicago-based legal financing company that began operations in January 2005. Beacon Legal Finance is one of the top litigation finance companies of the US and is very well-known as a company that provides quality lawsuit loans, lawsuit funding and lawsuit cash advance.
Beacon Legal Finance is renowned for its origination capabilities that are extremely complementary to its existing marketing efforts. The company is expected to significantly benefit from its relatively new multi-channel marketing strategies that it applies as an exclusive originator for its legal financing operations.

On November 22, 2005 Beacon Legal Finance signed a joint venture agreement with Lawsuit Cash Advance, a leader in the US litigation finance industry to further consolidate its position in the industry.

Through this joint venture, in addition to receiving an ongoing source of funding for its cash advance pipeline, Beacon Legal Finance will benefit from the established underwriting platform and experienced servicing capabilities of Lawsuit Cash Advance.
According to James Pomposelli, Managing Principal of Beacon Legal Finance, “LCA’s transparent underwriting process, financial resources and commitment to the business make it a perfect match for Beacon’s ability to originate plaintiff cash advances.”

Beacon Legal Finance’s proven origination capabilities are based mainly in its marketing setup which is essentially a multilevel initiative. In fact the company has a highly interactive approach toward its business and its clientele which is evident from its popular portal which facilitates a host of resources for the legal finance seeker. It is obvious that Beacon Legal has access to a large network of legal service providers under its ambit who offer specialized services in specific cases where legal financing is a requirement along with the strong fundamentals of the case.

Some of the popular links on the portal are:
Personal Injury
Legal Advice
Tax Lawyer
Mesothelioma Lawyer
Child Custody
Bankruptcy Attorney
Immigration Lawyer
Tax Attorney
Contact Details

566 West Lake Street,
Ste 480, Chicago
Illinois 60661

Tel: 888-723-2266
Fax: 312-632-1188

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