Oasis Legal Finance

LLC, or Oasis Legal Finance is one of the best lawsuit firms in the US, known best for dealing with lawsuit cash advances for individuals. Oasis Legal Finance also provides similar services for corporate purposes. They also provide finance for a wide variety of commercial cases.
Oasis Legal Finance is the most active of its kind in the US. Besides individuals and commercial concerns, they also provide attorneys in US with lawsuit cash advances and law firm finance. The staff as well as the founders of Oasis Legal Finance are from the best legal firms across the US and financial companies from the Wall Street.

They are the most experienced professionals in the US regarding credit, business, finance and law. Their experience helps in smooth processing of finance as they can assess difficult cases quickly. Oasis Legal Finance are able to arrange finance as soon as a client is approved.

They have the capability to tackle the legal hassles seamlessly. Their approval process is always within a time span of twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Oasis Legal Finance offers a personal lawsuit cash advance ranging from a thousand US dollars to two-hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.
The limit goes up to a million US dollars for commercial lawsuit advances or financing law firms. The backing of several top notch financing companies enables Oasis Legal Finance to set such high standards. Besides providing lawsuit cash advances Oasis Legal Finance also plays a major role in regulating and making laws of the legal industry. It is a leading service provider in providing finance for plaintiffs. The headquarters of Oasis Legal Financeare at Northbrook in Illinois, the northern semi-rural area in Chicago.

Its address is as follows:
630 Dundee Road., Ste. 340
Northbrook, IL 60062

The various contact details of Oasis Legal Finance are as follows:
Call- 1-847-521-4400
Toll Free- 1-877-734-3363
Fax- 1-847-521-4444
Following are other areas of activities of Oasis Legal Finance:
structured settlements
finding attorneys
getting referral agents
workers compensation funding
programs affiliated to lawsuit funding


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