Aruba Financial Market

Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean Sea near Venezuela. The Aruba Stock Exchange forms the principal segment of the Aruba financial market. It is a completely automated stock exchange. Aruba stock exchange is also known as the Alternative Electronic Stock Exchange or AESX.
The Alternative Electronic Stock Exchange Platforms AVV is registered with the Aruba Chamber of Commerce. The AESX is a self-regulated stock exchange. The trading system of Aruba Stock Exchange has been formed as an online stock-trading platform.

The platform has been configured in such manner so that it is able to serve a number of micro exchanges. The security trading operations offered by the AESX are highly transparent in nature.

The Aruba Stock Exchange operates under a completely computerized environment with every aspect dealing with:
Buying and selling settlements

Every transaction is handled with the help of proprietary application software.

The essential features of the Aruba Stock Exchange are the following:
Primary and secondary quotes platform
Principles for structural control and self regulation
Support infrastructure registration processes
Closure and financial management
IT support platform and administration
Monetary nominee holdings and exchange control
Dematerialized nominee holdings and share registration control
Closed network communication
Every necessary administrative and operational software

The features of AESX are characteristic of local capital markets or stock exchanges because of its provision of exchange operators and independent areas.

The micro exchanges under the Aruba Stock Exchange are the following:
ArubaX (The Aruba Electronic Stock Exchange)
PPDAQ (Private Placement Exchange)
DCEXCH or The Dutch Caribbean Stock Exchange
RegSX or The Regulation S Exchange
Caribond or The Caribbean Bond Exchange
MXEX The Micro Electronic Stock Exchange
UKDX or the UK Development Exchange
The word micro exchange means that the structure of AESX is different from the expensive conventional stock exchanges.The Comdaq or the Commodity Dealers Automated Quotations Network under the AESX functions as the Internet based portal for the purpose of buying and selling of tradeable commodities. The domain of Aruba financial market is expanding over the passage of time.

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