Australia Financial Market

The Australia financial market is one of the best financial markets in the Asia-Pacific region. It is developing very rapidly. The economy of Australia is quite stable. Optimistic investment sector and the Australian capital markets with enormous depths are the base of this economic structure.
On the other hand, the corporate investors as well as the individual investors are providing enough support to the investment sector. At the same time the financial institutions are always searching for new and better ideas of investment. This is also providing huge help to the sector to produce $100 trillion business.

The exchange traded markets are performing extraordinarily. In the previous year, the stock markets of Australia has produced a 28% development in the trading. On the other hand the SFE has marked 17% growth in their business.

At the same time Over the Counter trading are also developing although the market is, according to its character, is passing through minor fluctuations. Foreign exchange market in Australia is also performing in proportion to this rapidly developing market.
According to the reports of the AFMA, the total Australian financial market turnover in 2006 was extraordinary. There are several categories in the OTC financial market. According to the reports the government debt securities has provided $875 billion business in 2006 with 16.9% change. The non-government debt securities has provided a business of $613 billion and the change was 60.5%. The foreign exchange market also peroformed well and produced a business of $43,770 billion and the growth was of 37.8%. On the other hand repurchase agreements provided a business of $13,439 billion with a change of 4.8%.The forward rate agreements produced $3,135 billion business and marked a change of 21.2%. At the same time some categories faced minor fall in the business. Among these there were swaps, interest rate options and currency options. (all the changes are in comparison with 2005 statistics)

In the exchange traded markets the scenario was same in 2006. The equity market including the ASX shares and ASX options, produced $1,484 billion. The market production was increased at an rate of 28%. The SFE futures and SFE options jointly produced $27,057 billion business and the change was of 17.4%.

The RNE( Renewable Energy Certificates) market produced $8,185,182 billion business and the growth was estimated somewhere near 25.3%. The Australia financial market is doing very well and the trend is expected to continue in the coming year also.

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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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