Austria Financial Market

Austria financial market is growing very rapidly and the market has the promise to well in the coming years too. The upward journey of the financial market is now a growing trend in Austria. This trend has been going on since 2002. The trend started from October 2002 and till 2006, the growth has been more than 345% or 3460 points.
For the development of the financial market, the economic condition of that particular country should be very steady. The economic situation of Austria is very favorable and is becoming more steady than the past. At the same time the corporate sector of the country is facing a boom and are gaining good profit.

At the same time, these profits are also providing encouragement for the financial market. There are several Austrian companies, which are doing excellent business in the Central and Eastern Europe. These parts of the continent are not so developed and the development process, which is going on at present is expected to take some time for yielding the ancipated result. The Austrian companies that are doing business for quite some time, are getting very high returns.
These returns are tempting both the national and foreign investors to invest in these companies.
Because of their good reputation, these companies are also preferred as the substitute of those stocks, which are related to high risks.
In 2006, the market was at its best and the Wiener Borse was closed at 4463 points at the end of the year. The blue chip index of the same marked a 21.7% growth since 2005. The annual transactions in the stocks were about Euro130 billion. The records of the past few years proved that Wiener Borse transaction volume has been increasing at a rapid pace and it is more than the increase in the market capitalization.

The domestic Stocks which are there in the Austria financial market, are following the Wiener Borse trend. These stocks are growing at a rapid pace than the past. At the same time the bond market in Austria has also done extremely well. In 2006, the bond market has produced EUR989 million business, which is 30.3% more than the total business in 2005 in the sector. On the other hand the new issues in the market in 2006, has produced EUR1.8 billion.

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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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