Brazil Financial Market

Brazil financial market is one of the most promising global markets right now. From 2003, the financial scenario of Brazil has been going through several positive changes. The worldwide markets of coffee, soybeans, iron ore and crude oil have developed considerably in the recent times.
This has stimulated the growth of the financial markets of Brazil because these are the basic products and minerals, which are exported from the country. The prices of these commodities are on the higher side and this price-hike is becoming a boon for the Brazilian economy as the brazilian traders are making good profits from the market and this profit is adding an additional edge to the investment sector.

In Brazil, the huge surplus have replaced the trade shortages. The value of the Brazilian real is almost half the value of US dollar. On the other hand, the performance of the stock market of Brazil has been quite satisfactory.
The Bovespa index touched the 52,750 points in May 2007 and the rise in the market is estimated at a rate of 18.2%. The financial market and the economic condition of any country are inter-related.
In the previous years, the Brazilian economy is gaining momentum and in 2006 the total output was of $1.6 trillion. The next expected thing is the rise in the stock market.
The Bovespa index of the Sao Paolo Stock Exchange has been doing very well. There are several shares from different sectors which are providing steady growth to the bovespa index.

The Brazilian sugar industries are doing extremely well and the IPOs offered by these industries are the hot favorite of the market. These are attracting huge investment in the Brazil financial market from both the national and international investors. Apart from these, there are many other fanancial service providing companies, which are also becoming popular among the investors operating in the Brazilian financial market.The foreign currency reserve of the country is also experiencing an upward trend.

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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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