Canada Financial Market

Canada financial market is doing well at present and is expected to maintain the position in the coming years. The business of Canadian stock exchanges has improved and the foreign exchange market is also performing at its best.
The financial market is related to a lot of factors and the securities market and the foreign exchange market play a crucial role in influencing the financial market of Canada. The foreign exchange market of Canada is growing very rapidly and in the recent years and the foreign exchange reserve is almost $1.2 trillion.

According to the available data, the Canadian foreign exchange market has developed at a phenomenal rate. In April 2007, the average turnover daily in the traditional category has been recorded as $55.5 billion and the growth was almost 12.8% than the previous year.

At the same time the monthly turnover has been recorded as $1.1 trillion and the growth was of 7.3%. The derivatives market report shows that the market has declined a bit in October 2006 but it has done well after that and in April 2007, the market has produced $60.9 billion business.
In the recent times the Canadian stock market has been through some fluctuations. According to the experts of the field, the market may fluctuate to a certain level in the recent future. But the overall scenario of the Canadian stock market is very steady and thats why the Canadian investors are not worried about the situation. Actually the Canadian stock market touched the 14,625 points mark just before the unexpected fall came on the market.

The financial market’s stability of any country is related to its economical steadiness. The economical conditions of Canada is highly favorable at present. The commodity market is doing very well, but the main factor, which is contributing in the growth is the exports. Canada has a good deposit of minerals and oil and gas. Although these things jointly presents only 4% of the GDP, but 35% of the total are provided by these sectors. Now, the demand for thees products are not going to come down and thus the economical growth of the country is assured in the future.

At the same time, the booming industries of the country is providing help to the financial services and construction business, which are also developing at a good pace. Investors are also becoming interested in these companies and thus the investment sector is also flourishing . The Canada financial market is becoming more lucrative to the international investors.

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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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