Greece Financial Market

In the Greece Financial Market the profits that are made from capital investments are not included in the jurisdiction of taxes. The private investors have the opportunity to trade in bonds and shares in the Greece Financial Market.
Ethnokarta is the leading provider of credit card services in Greece and is one of the biggest issuers of credit cards. The firm has recently started to provide its services on the Internet and their website contains the latest information on their various products.

The primary client base of this company is made up of the credit card holders in Greece.
The national government and public institutions in Greece offer various bonds and the treasury bills.
However, these are subject to taxation of 10%, which could be withheld upon the expiry of the coupons or the bonds, as in the zero coupon bonds. The treasury bills can be bought after paying the relevant taxes.
However if the treasury bills happen to be renewed then the taxes could be paid once these bills reach their maturity period.

The bonds that are provided by the banks or other monetary organizations are liable to be taxed up to 10% and the status of their listing in the Athens Stock Exchange is inconsequential in this regard. For the corporate bonds held by individual investors, the rate is 20% and for legal entities this rate goes up to 40% of the interest rate of their securities. Shares
In the Grecian financial market, 35% is deducted at the beginning from the shares that have been listed. This means that the investors are kept outside the purview of taxation.

In Greece the properties come with inheritance taxes if they are accrued by the following phenomena:
Death of Previous Owner
Donated by the Earlier Owner


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