Korea Financial Market

The Korea financial market is showing a steady growth recently in the face of an agreement of cooperation between South Korea and Japan. Turbulence in the financial market is being dealt with. Following the recent fear in the world market arising from crisis in United States, sub prime mortgages have been allayed by several central banks around the world and Korea has welcomed such measures.
These measures would bring about stability in the market. The healthy growth of the financial market of Korea is expected to continue throughout 2007. There is no problem of liquidity in the financial market in Korea. This is a result of the fund supply by central banks. However, the negative influence of global factors like protectionist sentiments, global imbalances and high oil prices cannot be denied.

The government keeps a close eye on the Korean financial market. The yen carry trade, which involves the buying of higher yielding assets with low yielding yen, is a hot topic of discussion in the financial market of Korea.
It must be remembered in this context that “one way betting” has its share of risks, since investors stand to loose big time with a change in direction. It is not that easy for a foreigner to trade in Korean stocks, but this has not hampered the financial market of Korea in a big way.
For those who want to invest in South Korea, it is important to note that investments cannot be done directly. One can, however buy South Korea Funds or South Korea Adrs. KOSPI is the index of the Korean Stock Market.

The venture capital firms of Korea have done a good job in venture investments over the last ten years. The preferential tax incentives together with the enviable growth of KOSDAQ have brought about a boom in the Korean venture capital industry. A considerable portion of the investments of venture capital in Korea comes from the small business houses. With diverse range of investment options and a wide variety of financial products, Korea financial market is becoming more remunerative for the global and domestic investors.

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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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