Kuwait Financial Market

The Kuwait financial market is an indicator of the flourishing economy of Kuwait, it being a major oil-producing nation. The Kuwait Financial Markets Association is a cornerstone of the financial market of Kuwait. All major players of the treasury, financial and capital markets industries are active members of this association.
This association is a founding member of the Inter Arab Cambist Association. The Kuwait financial market also has considerable influence in the Middle East and Gulf region. The Kuwait Financial Markets Association works with the aim of improving the conditions of the professionals involved in the business.

The money market, capital market and other derivative sectors are very well developed in Kuwait. The official and industry authorities are very well informed about market conditions and this enhances the growth of the financial sector in Kuwait.

The Kuwait Stock Exchange or the KSE was established in 1977. Share trading in the country had started as early as 1952. Securities trading are done with ease, fairness and efficiency in this place.
The Foreign Investment Law enacted on the 10th of September 2000 has made foreign investments in the Kuwait Stock Exchange possible. It is one of the largest stock exchanges in the Gulf region. Besides its routine activities, it encourages savings. It also initiates investments from the citizens of Kuwait and creates ways and means of fund investments in securities. This has resulted in boosting up the financial sector in Kuwait.

The Central Bank of Kuwait, which was established in 1969, plays a crucial role in facilitating the monetary transactions of Kuwait financial market. This bank ensures a stable financial environment in the country. It acts as the chief financial adviser of the government. The Central Bank of Kuwait is also the chief regulatory authority of the banks and other financial institutions of the country. That way, it can keep a watch on the Kuwait financial market.

Central Bank Of Kuwait

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