Russia Financial Market

The Russia financial market is largely governed by the Russian Trading System situated in Moscow. The financial trading and investments in Russia market is monitored and regulated by Russia Trading System.
Stock Exchanges in Russia
The Russia Trading System or RTS is a non-profit organization that consolidates various regional trading services into one exchange. The Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange or MICEX is another stock exchange in Russia that consists of shares and corporate bonds of about 600 Russian companies.

The Russian financial market has gone through a number of economic reforms over last two decades. The stock exchanges of Russia give a clear picture of the economic changes and swings in the market.
Now with the technologies developed in information sharing, valuable data on the Russian stock market is also available on the internet and people who want to go for investing in the Russian financial market, should browse well to know about the market trends in advance.
Apart from the stock exchange websites, there are websites and portals maintained by the brokers and various news agencies that give correct information on the financial market courses.
Bank of Russia
Bank of Russia is the central bank of Russia that enjoys the exclusive right to issue and distribute the Russian currency – Ruble. Headquartered at Moscow, the Bank of Russia is the sole authority to print Ruble banknotes and mint the coins and plays a pivotal role in regulating Russia financial market. The Bank of Russia also takes some regulatory actions in order to maintain the stability of the economy and the value of Ruble. Apart from that, the central bank also takes keen interest in the investments made in the financial market in Russia.

The official currency of Russia is ruble. The exchange rate of ruble with the US dollar has varied a number of times giving some idea of the financial and economic condition of the country. The trend of fluctuations clearly represents the macroeconomic instability of the country’s financial market. It was the year of 1992 when the Ruble was first legally exchanged for US dollar and from 1992 to 1995, the rate of exchange between ruble and US dollar varied from 144 ruble per dollar to 5000 ruble per dollar. The drastic example of the money value fluctuation was in 1994 when there was a 27% reduction in ruble’s value. By the end of October, 1995 when the value of Ruble stabilized, it appreciated the inflation-adjusted terms of the money value in Russia.

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