Singapore Financial Market

The Singapore Exchange is the major stock exchange in Singapore that monitors and regulates the Singapore financial market. Monetary Authority of Singapore is the central bank of Singapore that too sets some guidelines for Singapore financial market.
The Singapore Exchange or better known as SGX is the outcome following the merger of Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX) and the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES). The revenues earned by the Singapore exchange are mainly from the securities market and derivatives market holding 72% and 28% of the market respectively.

The Singapore Exchange is the first de-mutualised derivative exchange in the Asia-Pacific. The financial market of Singapore is largely governed by the SGX indices and the market derivatives are monitored by the exchange.
The advancement in technology has been of great help to the exchange of information and hence having an idea of the Singapore financial market is not a problem anymore.
There are a number of websites and portals available in the internet that are maintained by the stock brokering companies, brokers, news agencies and companies that are dedicated to give the authentic information on the prices of stock, bonds, shares and funds of various companies. The individuals can also have information on the companies that are incurring gains or losses and decide accordingly as on which company to invest.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is the central bank of Singapore that has started to issue the Singapore currency since October 2002 after its merger with Board of Commissioners of Currency. Apart from issuing of currency, the MAS takes into consideration a number of functionalities to control and manage the financial market of Singapore while maintaining stable value of Singapore dollar.

There are a number of banks in Singapore that control the liquidity flow in the Singapore financial market.

Here is a list of the local banks of Singapore:
Bank of Singapore Limited
Far Eastern Bank Limited
DBS Bank Limited
United Overseas Bank Limited
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited

Following a growth in the financial and economic sectors of Singapore, there are a number of foreign banks now coming to Singapore.

Here is the list of foreign banks in Singapore:
American Express Bank
Bank of America
Bangkok Bank
Bank of China
Bank of India
Bank of East Asia
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
Indian Overseas Bank
Indian Bank
JPMorgan Chase Bank
RHB Bank Berhad
UCO Bank


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