Sweden Financial Market

Sweden financial market is comprised of the Swedish stock market, Swedish bond market, Swedish commodity market and Swedish foreign exchange market. However, the principal segment of the Swedish financial market is formed by the Swedish stock market.
The Stockholm Stock Exchange is the principal stock exchange of Sweden, which is located in Stockholm. It was incorporated in the year 1863. It is one of the main stock exchanges in the Nordic region. In 1998 the OMX group, which is a leading Swedish-Finnish financial services provider, purchased the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

In the year 2003, the trading operations of the Stockholm Stock Exchange were consolidated with the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The stock exchanges under the OMX group are known as the OMX stock exchanges.

There are seven stock exchanges under the OMX group in the Nordic and Baltic region and they are the following:
Iceland Stock Exchange
Copenhagen Stock Exchange
Stockholm Stock Exchange
Helsinki Stock Exchange
Tallinn Stock Exchange
Riga Stock Exchange
Vilnius Stock Exchange

The Stockholm Stock Exchange was a physical exchange till 1990 and all the trading operations were carried out on the Stockholm Stock Exchange Building floor. In 1990, the Stockholm Stock Exchange was converted into a fully automated or computerized exchange.

The trading operations of Stockholm Stock Exchange go on from Monday to Friday (excluding the holidays in Sweden).

The OMX Stockholm 30 or OMXS30 is the official stock market index of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. This is a capitalization-weighted index, which is made up of 30 stock categories that are traded the most.

Sweden financial market also comprises the following segments:
Fixed income market
Options and futures market
Foreign investment market
Foreign currency markets
Derivative markets
Mutual fund markets

The Swedish bond markets are present in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Iceland, and Helsinki and they are traded through the respective exchanges.

The Swedish derivatives market can be divided into the following segments:
Nordic derivatives market
Baltic derivatives market
Russian derivatives market

The Swedish fixed income market is present in Iceland, Stockholm, and Copenhagen.


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