Taiwan Financial Market

Taiwan financial market represents the Taiwan stock market, Taiwan bond market, Taiwan forex market, Taiwan derivatives market and other financial markets operating in Taiwan. The economy of Taiwan has surged to a significant extent due to its expertise in the global electronics industry.
Taiwan is a small island country located in east Asia. The backbone of the economy of Taiwan is international trade. Taiwan is one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductors in the world. Presently, Taiwan ranks as one of the leading exporters of electronic goods.

Taiwan Stock Exchange is the principal stock exchange of Taiwan and it is located in Taipei. The Taiwan Stock Exchange is also known as the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation or TSEC. It was incorporated in the year 1961, however, the stock trading operations started in 1962.

The products and services of the Taiwan Stock Exchange include the following:
Listing of securities
Market surveillance
Securities information
Clearing and closures (settlements)
Securities borrowing and lending system
Globalization of securities market
Supervising the securities firms
Computerization and information security
Investors service
Trading of securities

The Taiwan Stock Exchange provides a wide variety of market information regarding the bond market of Taiwan (especially the government contstruction bonds).

The stock market indices that are used in Taiwan Stock Market are the following:
TSEC Taiwan Eight Industries Index
TSEC Taiwan 50 Index
TSEC Taiwan Mid-Cap 100 Index
TSEC Taiwan Technology Index
TSEC Taiwan Dividend+ Index

The Financial Supervisory Corporation of the Republic of China governs the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Taiwan Financial Market is made up of the following types of markets:
Taiwan stock market
Taiwan bond market
Taiwan money market
Taiwan forex market
Taiwan derivative market
The financial services industry in Taiwan is going through a transformation stage, which is proving to be beneficial for the Taiwanese economy. Direct financing through channels like stock markets, bond markets, and money markets has increased significantly, new security instruments were introduced for buying and selling, and a blueprint for a surveillance committee for the commercial banks was made. A number of rules and regulations regarding the functioning of financial service providers were also relaxed. The Government of Taiwan took these initiatives for receiving a membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and to place Taiwan as one of the important financial hubs in the Asia Pacific Region.

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