Ministry of Finance Canada

Ministry of Finance Canada Overview
The Ministry of Finance Canada or the Department of Finance Canada looks at the financial and economic affairs of the state of Canada. The Department of Finance Canada monitors all the aspects related to the economy of Canada.

Department of Finance Canada Branches
The Department of Finance Canada performs its functions through the following branches:
Economic and Fiscal Policy Branch
Tax Policy Branch
Economic Development and Corporate Finance Branch
Law Branch
Federal-Provincial Relations and Social Policy Branch
Corporate Services Branch

Financial Sector Policy Branch
Consultations and Communications Branch
International Trade and Finance Branch
Department of Finance Canada Publications
The Department of Finance Canada brings out publications, that cover all aspects of the Canadian economy.

These publications could be enlisted as below:
Working Papers
Annual Financial Report of the Government of Canada
Sustainable Development Strategy
Budget Information, including Economic and Fiscal Updates
The Economy in Brief
Fiscal Reference Tables
The Fiscal Monitor – future release dates
Implementation of Full Accrual Accounting in the Federal Government’s Financial Statements: backgrounder
Department of Finance Canada Functions
The following functions are performed by the Department of Finance Canada:
Works closely with other financial agencies
Deals with issues affecting federal financial institutions – banks, for trust and loan and insurance companies, credit unions, pension plans, and all of their respective clients
Helps to ensure that Canada has an effective regime to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism
Develops the rules and regulations that govern the institutions so they remain safe and sound and are responsive to consumers’ needs
Manage the debt and international reserves of the Government of Canada, in conjunction with the Bank of Canada, and we provide policy advice on activity in the domestic capital markets
Conducts analysis of the many ways in which the financial sector is changing both in Canada and abroad


Finance Table
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International Finance Public Finance International Micro Finance
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Finance Advisor Loan Finance Finance & Banking
Global Financial Market Micro Finance Household Finance
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