Ministry of Finance China

Ministry of Finance China Overview
The Ministry of Finance China makes and applies the financial plans, that are designed to improve the overall economic condition of China. The Ministry of Finance China manages the various economic and financial issues of China.

Ministry of Finance People’s Republic of China Mandates

Following are some of the mandates of the Ministry of Finance People’s Republic of China:
To formulate and implements strategies, policies and guidelines, medium-and-long-term development plan and reform programs of public finance and taxation; to participate in macroeconomic policy making; to provide policy advice on macroeconomic regulation and balanced allocation of public fund with fiscal instruments; to formulate and implement policies regarding income distribution between the central and local governments and between the state and enterprises
To manage the social security expenditures from the central government; to formulate the accounting management rules on social security funds; to monitor the utilization of the social security funds
To draft laws and regulations on public finance and financial and accounting management; to lay down and implement regulations and rules on fiscal, financial and accounting management; to organize negotiations concerning external finance and debts and signing related agreements/accords
To formulate and implement policies, rules and regulations on managing government’s domestic debts; to prepare plans for treasury bond issuance; to formulate policies, rules and regulations on managing government’s external debts; to undertake external negotiations/consultations on loans from foreign governments, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Japan Bank for International Cooperation; to participate in international financial organizations on behalf of the Chinese Government
Ministry of Finance People’s Republic China Departments
The Ministry of Finance People’s Republic China executes its functions through the following departments:
Personnel & Education Department
General Office
Economic Construction Department
Policy & Programme Department
Agriculture Department
Legal Department
Social Security Department
Tax Policy Department
State Equity & Corporate Finance Department
Tariff Policy Department
Finance Department
Budget Department
International Department
Treasury Department
Accounting Regulatory Department
National Defense Department
Supervision Department
Administrative & Law Enforcement Department
State Rural Development Office
Education,Science & Culture Department


Finance Table
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Global Financial Market Micro Finance Household Finance
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