Ministry of Finance Israel

The ministry of finance Israel shoulders the important responsibility of creating the economic policy for the country and at the same time, the ministry also execute those plans in the country. The ministry has the responsibility of framing the draft of the state budget.
Along with this, it is also responsible for supervising the implementation of the passed budget in the country. The Ministry of finance Israel has the responsibility of collecting both the direct and indirect taxes. At the same time, the ministry has the responsibility of managing the revenues of the government.

The ministry is responsible for maintaining a good economic relationship with the government of United States of America. The ministry of finance Israel plays the regulatory role for the capital market of the country and ensures the free flow of money in the country.

At the same time, the ministry is also responsible for insurance and savings sector of Israel. Israel Finance Ministry also looks after some other departments also. These includes computer services, motor vehicles and printing departments.
The ministry is headed by Ronnie Bar-On. He is a lawyer by profession and is also leading the ministry of the interior. He has performed excellently on different positions of the government. There are two staff units at the head office of the Ministry of Finance Israel. These are the Unit of Economic Advisor and the Unit Of Legal Advisor. The head-office of the ministry has the additional responsibility of maintaining good relationship with the international community.

The Ministry of Finance Israel is divided in several departments.
These are:
Budget Department
Department of the Accountant General
Government Vehicle Administration
State Revenue Administration
Economics And Research Department
Income Tax and Property Tax Department
Customs and Value Added Tax Department
Computer Service
Capital Market, Insurance, and Savings Department
Wage and Labor Accord Unit
International Department
Government Printer
Rehabilitation Office
Office for Personal Compensation from Abroad
Internal Audit Unit


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