Ontario Ministry of Finance

Ontario Ministry of Finance Overview
The Ontario Ministry of Finance is responsible for giving suggestions on policies of taxation, economic and financial policies for the province of Ontario. The Ontario Ministry of Finance also monitors the financial affairs of the province of Ontario.
Apart from the ones mentioned above the Ontario Ministry of Finance also develops and allocates the budget of Ontario.

Ontario Ministry of Finance Mission
The primary mission of the Ontario Ministry of Finance is to bring about more dynamism and innovation in the financial affairs of the province. The Ontario Ministry of Finance also aims at improving its standard of managing the various financial affairs in the province.

Ontario Ministry of Finance Steps
The Ontario Ministry of Finance has taken certain steps in order to achieve their aims.

They may be mentioned as below:
Making sure that the public organizations remain accountable to the taxpayers for using their funds
Creating a climate of economic growth and job creation in Ontario
Assure prudent management of Ontario’s debt
Promoting the effective and efficient delivery of government services to the taxpayers
Balance the budget
Reduce spending
Ontario Ministry of Finance Agencies
The Ontario Ministry of Finance carries out its activities through certain agencies.

They are:
Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario
Ontario Financing Authority
Financial Services Commission
Ontario Securities Commission
Financial Services Tribunal
Stadium Corporation of Ontario Limited
Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation

Ontario Ministry of Finance Legislation
The Ontario Ministry of Finance is responsible for implementing the laws, that are related to the financial matters.

Following is a list of some of the bills passed by the Ontario Ministry of Finance :
Assessment Act
Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
Auditor General Act
Co-operative Corporations Act
Automobile Insurance Rate Stabilization Act, 2003
Corporations Tax Act
Capital Investment Plan Act, 1993
Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act, 1994
Commercial Concentration Tax Act
Crown Foundations Act, 1996
Community Small Business Investment Funds Act


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