Ministry of Finance Russia

The Ministry of Finance Russia supervises the budgeting policies and overall financial affairs of Russia. The Finance Ministry of Russia is headed by the Finance Minister. At present, the Finance Minister of Russia is Aleksei L. Kudrin. For running the Finance Ministry of Russia, the Finance Minister gets the support of four deputy ministers.
The Ministry of Finance in Russia performs a variety of functions, which include preparation of budgets, management of public debt, fiscal reforms, tax imposition, accounts and audit activities, financial regulations, and various other services.

The principal objective of the Ministry of Finance Russia is to bring and sustain stable economic growth in the Russian Federation with the help of efficient mobilization and allocation of resources, as well as asset management.

The departments under the Ministry of Finance Russia are the following:
The Administrative Department
The Department of Administration and Control
The Department of Budget Policy
The Department of Budget Policy in the Economic Sectors
The Department of Budget Policy in areas of social sphere and science
The Department of Budget Policy in the sphere of state military service and law and state military order
The Department of Budget Policy in the field of Public Administration, the Judiciary, State and Municipal Services of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
The Department of Intergovernmental Relations
The Department of International Financial Relations, State Debt and State Financial Assets
The Department of Tax and Customs and Tariff Policy
The Department of State Regulation of Financial Control, Auditing, Accounting and Reporting
The Department of Financial Policy
The Legal Department

The Federal Services of the Finance Ministry of Russia can be categorized into the following types:
Federal Tax Service
Federal Insurance Supervision
Federal Service for Fiscal Supervision
The Federal Treasury

The affiliated organizations under the Russian Finance Ministry are the following:
The Budget and Treasury Academy
The Financial Research Institute

(Source: The official website of the Russian Finance Ministry)

Contact Details:

Ministry of Finance Russia
109,097, Moscow,
Acad. Orange, 9
Tel. : (495) 987-93-81
Fax: (495) 625-08-89

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