Ministry of Singapore

The Ministry of Finance Singapore or the Finance Ministry of Singapore is a government department of Singapore, which is responsible for the administration and regulation of the economic infrastructure and the financial establishments in Singapore. The Minister for Finance heads the Ministry of Finance in Singapore.
At present, the Finance Minister of Singapore is Lee Hsien Loong. He is also the Prime Minister of the country and an appointee of the Cabinet of Singapore. The vision of the MOF is towards advancement of positive and innovative ideas, forcing cooperation and coordination at all levels of the government, and ensuring financial circumspection.

The Ministry of Finance of Singapore emphasizes on growth instead of control with the help of regulatory policies. Its goal is to work together with industry experts for making Singapore the top commercial and financial hub worldwide.

The principal regulatory legislations laid out by the Ministry of Finance in Singapore are the following:
The Accountants Act
The Business Registration Act
The Companies Act
The Currency Act

The Finance Ministry of Singapore works as a part of the government to ascertain that the business entities carrying out their operations in the territory of Singapore are in agreeable combination with the global practices and standards in domains like accounting standards, company legislations, as well as corporate governance standards.

The Ministry of Finance of Singapore offers a variety of services to the businesses and individuals in Singapore. The principal objective of the Ministry of Finance of Singapore is to make a superior Singapore in terms of finance.

The Ministry of Finance of Singapore adopts the following values:

The strategic outcomes of the authority can be categorized into the following types:
World-Class Ministry of Finance
Safe Singapore
Balanced Budget
Finest for Business
Excellence in Public Service

Contact Details:
Ministry of Finance Singapore
100 High Street
#10-01 The Treasury
Singapore 179434

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