Financial Planning Association

The financial planning association (FPA) works as a mediator between the people who deliver and need financial planning services. The members of FPA are committed to provide the client-oriented financial planning service process. The governing principle of the financial planning association is to outline the core ideas of the association.
There are five documents that carry the vision of the FPA and govern the actions of the association.

They are-
Code of Ethics
Core Beliefs
Memo of Intent
Financial Philosophy

According to FPA, financial planning is the process of managing the finances of an individual or the business in order to achieve the financial goals. Negotiating several financial barriers developing in the various stages of business and life is also a part of financial planning.
The members of Financial Planning Association can enjoy an access to one of the finest financial planning communities and their services. The members can experience top rated conferences on financial planning, career services and also on practice resources.

The FPA’s Communities of Interest focus on the various aspects of financial planning profession. The financial planning profession trends and issues are some of the specific areas that come under the consideration of FPA’s Communities of Interest. The FPA’s Communities of Interest have resources to increase the professional effectiveness in financial planning. There are forums also that contribute to expertise in financial planning services. The FPA’s Communities of Interest also offer conversation areas for the professionals having specific interests working in a specialized field and are seeking peers at their professional level. FPA Community Building offers a well maintained next generation electronic conversation area, FPA Connections.

All the federal tax code, pension laws, securities laws or the insurance laws from the Washington, D.C. also regulate the functionalities of FPA members.
Contact Details of Financial Planning Association
Denver Office
Suite 400
4100 E. Mississippi Ave.
Denver, Colorado

District of Columbia Office
Suite 201
1600 K Street, NW
Washington, DC

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