Financial Planning Management

Financial planning management is the way in which financial decisions are planned with the aim of increasing to the maximum the wealth of the stockholder. Planning how to manage funds is the main aspect of financial planning management. It is all about finding a way in which economic resources can be gainfully utilized.
Firms undertaking planning of financial management must look for ways in which funds can be procured and then use those funds in a planned and well chalked out manner in order to achieve the objectives and aims of business. Financial management also goes by the names of business finance, corporate finance and managerial finance.

Financial planning management can be undertaken by both big and small companies and individuals.

Financial planning management services broadly include the following things:
Management of risk
Planning for retirement
Business planning
Tax management and tax planning
Analysis of insurance
Consultancy services for employee benefit
College funding
Estate planning
Gift tax planning

Procurement of funds can be from different sources and all these sources have their individual characteristics and risks. Funds raised from issuing equity shares are the most secured from risks for the company because it does not require to pay back equity capital unless in case of liquidation. However, these funds are very expensive. Financial planning management should also be inclusive of the fact that Foreign Institutional Investors and Foreign Direct Investment are two other important sources for fund raising.

Proper utilization of funds is another aspect of financial planning management. Funds should not be kept idle or used improperly. Funds should be managed in such a way that it leads to profit maximization. For both profit and non-profit organizations, planning financial management is an important aspect of taking control over finances. Output optimization is another benefit got from financial planning management. The available funds should be channelized in such a manner that it leads to optimal output. Wealth maximization and profit maximization are thus the two most important objectives of financial planning management.

Finance Table
Finance Companies Business Finance Small Business Finance
Financial Instruments Hyudai Motors Finance Finance Taxation
International Finance Public Finance International Micro Finance
Finance Ministry of Countries Legal Finance Car Finance
Finance Advisor Loan Finance Finance & Banking
Global Financial Market Micro Finance Household Finance
Financial Services Real Estate Finance Honda Finance
International Business Finance Financial Planning Finance Organisation

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