Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning is essential for ensuring safe financial future. Personal finance management can be done individually or with the help of expert financial planners. The process of personal financial planning involves five sequential steps.
However, before going for personal finance management one needs to assess his financial status thoroughly.

Steps Involved in Personal Financial Planning
Assessment of financial status is the first step involved in the process of personal financial planning. The financial status of any person can be best assessed from the documents like statements of income and balance sheets.

The personal balance sheet gives an idea about the assets and liabilities of an individual. House, stocks, car, banks and many other possessions come under the domain of assets.
Bank loan, credit card loan, mortgage loan and all other debts make up the list of personal liabilities. Once the assessment is done, the next step involves fixing the financial goals.
Based on the financial status, individuals can fix their long-term and short-term goals. Careful selection of the financial goals proves to be of great use in ensuring hassle free financial future.

The next step involves designing a proper plan for realization of the already fixed financial goals. Curtailment of expenditure, improvement in the level of personal disposable income and investment in assets like property and stocks are some of the most widely used personal financial plans.

Execution of financial plan is the next step involved in the process. This step requires tenacity and patience, as execution of financial plan is a bit lengthy process. Those who do not have sufficient time to manage the whole process on their own can avail the services offered by the personal financial advisors.

The last step of personal financial planning is supervision and reappraisal of personal financial status.

Personal financial planning is highly effective in meeting the personal financial requirements like tuition fee, health related expenses and many other unexpected expenses.

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