Texas Public Finance

The rules and regulations of public finance in the state of Texas is governed by the Texas Public Finance Authority (TPFA). The Texas Public Finance Authority was incorporated in 1984 and it was created by passing an act of the Texas legislature.
The TPFA is a public authority. The objective of Texas Public Finance Authority is generation of funds for building or accomplishment of facilities for State agencies.
Currently, this agency has an FTE (flow-through entity) cap of 15 FTEs, and the projects are budgeted at approximately $800,000 per year.

A board of directors comprising seven members regulates the Texas Public Finance Authority. The appointment of the board of directors is done by the Governor of Texas and it is confirmed by the Senate. An executive director is employed by the Authority and given the charge to manage the affairs of the TPFA, and he works under the authority board’s direction. The state legislature of Texas has every right to evaluate and give permission for the particular project for which the issue of bonds is to be done and the maximum amount of bonded indebtedness that might be received by the issue of bonds or approximated cost of the project.
After this is done, the TPFA can issue bonds for the building or accomplishment of a State agency building, barring higher educational institutions.The TPFA issues various types of bonds besides issuing bonds for the construction projects. Before the issuance of those bonds, the issue may be authorized by the legislature and the legislature has the right to declare the Authority as the exclusive issuer of that specific bond.

Under the amendment made to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code in 1999, the TPFA has issued revenue bonds on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s behalf for betterment of the state parks and park facilities. Revenue bonds were also issued by the TPFA for the Texas Workforce Commission for generating funds for the Unemployment Compensation Fund under the amendments made to the Texas Labor Code enacted in 2003. Additionally, for financing facilities for charter schools, a non-profit corporation for issuance of bonds has been set up by the Authority, and this was done as per the Texas Education Code, Ch. 53.

The Texas Public Finance Authority has issued various revenue and general obligation bonds for the following state agencies:
The Department of Agriculture
Stephen F. Austin University
The School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
The Building and Procurement Commission
The Department of Criminal Justice
Health and Human Services Commission
The State Department of Health Services
The Department of Aging and Disability Services
The Historical Commission
The Juvenile Probation Commission
The Military Facilities Commission
The Texas National Research Laboratory Commission
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
The State Preservation Board
The Texas State Technical College System
The Texas Department of Transportation
The Texas Workers Compensation Fund
The Texas Workforce Commission
The Texas Youth Commission
Midwestern State University
Texas Southern University
At present, the Authority manages three commercial paper programs:
The Master Lease Purchase Program
General Obligation Commercial Paper Program (Series 2002A)
The General Obligation Commercial Paper Program (Series 2002B)
A fourth commercial paper program for financing loans to defense persons has been founded by the Authority in conformance to Chapter 436 of the Government Code.

Contact Details

Texas Public Finance Authority, P.O. Box 12906, Austin, TX 78711
Key person: Kimberly K. Edwards, Executive Director
Phone: (512) 463-5544


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