Crown Financial Services

Crown Financial services started its operations in the year 2006. One of the main objectives of Crown financial services is to provide working capital for the business houses that do not have sufficient fund for running their business. Their main operations include funding up to USD$5000 to USD$1000,000.
Purchasing “future credit card” from these business houses at a discounted rate usually does this. Another area taken care of by the Crown Financial Services includes Pre Lawsuit Settlement Funding. This is mainly meant for the Attorneys as well as the Plaintiffs.

The following are usually bought by the Crown Financial Services:
Business Notes
Structured Settlements
Life Settlements.
Crown Financial Services offers the following financial services to its clients.

(I) Cash Flows or Notes
The companies excel in transforming future payments or income flows in to lump sum money. Seller funded notes, accounts receivables, annuities, structured settlements are usually taken care of by the professionals at Crown Financial Services.
(II) Credit Card Sales Advances
There are several financial institutions that are not willing to give away loans to individuals or institutions. The reason being, the amount is usually very large or the deal is very risky. To overcome this drawback, Crown Financial Services have designed a lending procedure, where the risk is taken on the risk taker.
(III) Pre Lawsuit Settlement Funding
Crown Financial Services, Inc funds for lawsuits, which is pro plaintiff. The company helps the plaintiffs to settle their lawsuits and get the maximum settlement they are entitled to avail.
(IV) Loans
Crown Financial Services Inc., serves as an interface between the lenders and the borrowers. The company has brokered loans and has also placed the loans through savings and loans, banks, private individuals, pension funds and life insurance companies. The company acts as a direct lending agent for national as well as local clients. They may be private or institutional.

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