Dell Financial Services

Dell Financial Services minimize the gap between the customers’ technology needs and cash flow. The company’s comprehensive financial solutions guarantee the best possible benefit. Dell financial services are one source for all the technology needs and integrated.
The customers have no need to tying up the money and credit lines in a depreciating asset every time. The Dell Financial Services allows them to obtain their technology by utilizing low monthly payments. Dell Financial Services consists of several services like consumer solutions, business solutions, health care solutions, commercial lease etc.

These will be discussed below:
Consumer Solutions:
The Dell Preferred Account proffers low cost monthly payments and several special promotions, for example, no interest financing for the eligible customers.
Business Solution:
Dell offers several business solutions, which help the customers to grow their businesses. These business solutions are effective irrespective of the size of the businesses.
Health care Solutions:
Dell provides some flexible lease and finance solutions which enable the customers to meet their technology goals within their budget.

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