First Command Financial Services

First Command Financial Services is known as a reputed “Registered Investment Adviser” company. Known by the name First Command Financial Planning Inc., the firm is responsible for delivering as well as developing financial services packages to different families.
This is usually done so that the families are in a position to build wealth, attain their financial goals and in the process reduce their financial debts.

Facts about First Command Financial Planning Inc- the financial services company:

  • The company was set up in the year 1958.
  • As far as managed assets are concerned the company has USD$18.6 billion (2007)
  • The number of insurance policies, which are active amounts to USD$52.2 million.(2007)
  • Amount the company has as banking assets- USD$573 million. (2007).

The company has a wide base of clients and by a combination of effective and customized financial programs, the company caters to the financial needs of innumerable. Clients are encouraged to invest wisely through appropriate investment programs.

Basically, there are three constituents of the financial programs offered by First Command Financial Services.

First Command assists investors in selecting the appropriate investment program so that the investing individuals get real worth for their money.

As far as insurance programs are concerned, there are different insurance programs offered: -Disability Income Insurance
-Life Insurance
-Property and Casualty Insurance

In addition to the above the following categories are also included:

Banking Services

Under banking operations, the First Command Bank offers banking facilities for its customers. Some of the prominent banking services offered include: -Deposits
-Credit Cards
-Trust Services

Comprehensive services
Under comprehensive services offered by First Command Financial Services, the following services are offered:

Relocation services
-Destination services
-Departure services
-Home purchasing services

Tax services
Estate planning services
The above services are offered by First Command Financial Planning Inc to cater to the varied financial requirements of individuals.

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