GE Financial Services

GE Financial services offer financial products to its clients. The financial services offered are grouped according to the products offered. GE or General Electric Company has made its mark in the field of Consumer Service products.
Ranging from power generation to jet engines, water processing to financial services and from media content to medical imaging, GE excels in all the spheres. In this article, emphasis is laid on the GE Financial Services and the various aspects of the financial services are dealt with.

In general, the financial services offered by GE may be segregated in to the following:

Business Finance
Business finance may have the following:
-Leasing solutions
There are several financial products offered by the company, often tailor made to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumers. Some of the financial products along with their features are given below.

(I) Health care Financial services:
Health care financial services helps in providing financial products for the health care providers and also for funding the various health care financial products for the future.

(II) Energy Financial services
By making best use of GE’s technical know how and financial stability Energy financial services serves as a means of developing the company further. Approximately, USD5 billion or more is invested in this sector.

(III) Corporate Financial services
GE offers the financial assistance, which is required by companies as well as business houses to propel their company forward by offering them different loan programs. Some of the prominent loans offered include Cash flow loans as well as asset-based loans.

Typical corporate financial services loan programs begin from USD$20 million. It has been observed that in a majority of cases, cash flow as well as asset-based loans exceeds approximately, USD$100 million.
Consumer Finance
Consumer finance may comprise the following types of financial services:

-Home equity loans
-Purchasing cards
-Credit cards
-Motor/vehicle loans
-Personal loans

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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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