Honda Financial Services

American Honda Finance Corporation or AHFC is doing business as Honda Financial Services. Honda Financial Services offers wholesale financing to the various dealers of Honda motorcycles in United States of America. Wholesale financing for power equipments commenced in the year 1983.
On the other hand, wholesale financing for Acura as well as Honda motor vehicles started in the year 1986.

Retail financing by Honda Financial Services:
Retail financing by Honda started way back in the year 1985. For power equipments, retail financing commenced in the year 1986. As far as retail leasing for Acura motor vehicles and Honda is concerned, it commenced in the year 1990.

Studies have revealed that retail financing as well as retail leasing has formed the bulk of the segment of the financial services business belonging to Honda.
American Honda Motor Co Inc., has American Honda Finance Corporation as a subsidiary, which is wholly owned. American Honda Motor Co Inc is in turn owned as a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co Ltd, Japan.
Honda Financial Services extends financial products to the consumers. Financing helps not only in paying for the vehicle but also the taxes, which are imposed on the same. Once an individual has secured a loan, the same needs to be repaid back in due course either on a monthly basis or as described in the terms and conditions of the financing options.
Honda Financial Services- options for financing:
The following types of financing options are available:

(I) Future Value Finance Program:

This program is an alternative option of leasing. There is one limitation in this program though. Graduates who are intending to seek for a loan are not eligible to do so.

(II) Conventional Finance:

Under this financing program, an individual may personalize the loan program depending on the requirements of the individual. By making use of competitive rates ones monthly payments may be decided upon.

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