Lincoln Financial Services

Lincoln Financial Services through its varied network and different divisions provide financial services to its innumerable clients. The programs may be customized to suit the individual requirements.
Lincolns Financial Services offers a variety of strategies as well as financial tools in different areas, the prominent ones being retirement solutions, real estate planning services.

Basically, Lincoln Financial Services offers financial services as well as investment solutions in the following areas:
Individual retirement plans
Group retirement programs
Mutual funds
Group benefit programs
Investment management.
Lincolns Financial Group may be referred to as the marketing brand for Lincoln National Corporation as well as its various affiliates. In addition to the financial products mentioned above, the company also offers the following financial products. In insurance products, the company extends life insurance, group insurance as well as disability insurance programs. Other financial services include managed accounts, savings plans, advisory services, financial planning and institutional investments.

Lincoln Financial Services are offered through a series of Lincoln affiliates operating in different parts like Greensboro, Fort Wayne, CT, Concord and Hartford.

The various financial services of Lincoln are extended through the following network:

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