Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services Limited is a company, which help people in planning, investing and insuring their financial assets depending on their financial needs. The write up reflects the same. Financial Planning Services was established in the year 1983 to cater to the needs of the financial needs of not only the individuals but also the business clients.
Over the years, the demand for personalized financial products and investment vehicles are on the rise. To cater to such needs of the people of Labrador, NewFoundland and Nova Scotia. Quality service and prompt service have made many customers revert back to the company for availing their services.

Atlantic Financial Services Limited has Financial Planning Services as one of its divisions.

Financial Planning Services offers the following:
Registered Retirement Savings Plans or RRSPs.
Critical Illness Insurance
Personal Health Insurance
Group Benefits
Disability Insurance
Life Insurance
Travel Insurance
The features of some of the financial products offered by the Financial Planning Services are as follows:

Life Insurance:

Permanent Life Insurance- As long as the individual is alive, he is insured and after his death the family members avail of a death benefit, which is tax-free.

Term Life Insurance:

In this type of insurance plan, the debts, which are for a short term, may be insured. The financial products, which are insured, include mortgages, lines of credit, credit cards and loans.


Allows an individual to use ones savings as income for the entire lifetime. However, this income is applicable only for a short time span.


If an individual saves money every year towards RRSP contribution, it is a good way of saving for the rainy day. By doing so, when one retires, the post retirement phase may be funded for various activities. Financial Planning Services Limited helps individuals in going about the entire process.


There are many investment programs offered by Financial Planning Services Limited, which help individuals to decide exactly, which investment tool they should opt for.

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