PNC Financial Services

PNC Financial Services is a company, which offers various financial products. Based in the United States of America, the company’s assets were approximately USD$101.8 billion as of December 2006. PNC Financial Services is the owner of Hiliard Lyons Investment Company.
PNC Financial Services deals with varied financial products.

These may include:
Regional banking
Asset management
Business processing
Financial businesses .
Flagship financial institution of PNC Financial Services:

PNC Bank is regarded as the main company under the banner of PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. PNC Bank offers services to people in almost 800 branches in different parts like Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland and Ohio.
Black Rock is a �publicly traded fund manager�. PNC has 35% of its stake in this. Black Rock is involved in fixed-income products.

There are other financial operations performed under the banner of PNC Financial Services. They are as follows:

Institutional and Corporate Banking:

Treasury management business is operated by PNC. Loan syndications (asset based) are also taken care of by PNC. The advisory firm looking into matters of mergers and acquisition is also a subsidiary of PNC known by the name Harris Williams.

Retail Banking:

The Financial Services Company in the major markets operates a well-known community bank. It is also regarded as a top lender of SBA or Small Business Administration. PNC Financial Services has the third largest Automated Teller Machine network in the United States of America. In addition to being a wealth management company, all operations are regarded as being conducted in an environmental friendly manner.

Leader in Mutual Funds- PFPC:

PFPC is a subsidiary of PNC Financial Services and is considered as the second largest mutual fund �transfer� agent. The subsidiary has catered to the investment market globally since the year 1973. Approximately, 1.9 trillion worth assets are looked after by the subsidiary. In the year the name of this subsidiary was rechristened as PFPC Bank Limited.

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